Annual Function

The school holds an Annual Function within school premises during the second term of the academic year. The whole function revolves around a particular theme and students from all grade levels prepare different stage presentations in the form of skits, tableaus, poetry recitals and speeches. Parents and guests are invited to attend this grand event every year and witness the colourful plethora of programmes that students and teachers alike plan and prepare with great zeal throughout the month.

Some of the themes during the past years were:

  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • The Wondrous World of Values
  • Peace, Progress and Prosperity
  • Civilizations of the World
  • Around the World in 1 hour / All the World's a stage

Principal's Message

To be the best

The school’s mission is consistent with its vision of sending out future generations of students who are able to compete and achieve success in their future education.

Steps to Success

To excel and prosper

‘Steps to Success’ are remedial classes designed to help the child, and to support the student to build better understanding of the subject.

Why choose EBS?

Not just your 'average' school

Expose your child to the best education. We offer a full suite of supplemental classes that consist of Sport Skills, Art, Karate, Drama and computer-based learning.