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Our Facilities at Education Bay


We have a fully equipped modern Science lab to let our young scientists hook up with science and hang out with the future world. Special lab periods are assigned to students so that they can practically carry out experiments related to science lessons being taught in the classrooms.


Since computers have become an integral, rather than adjunct, part of the educational process, we provide an excellent air-conditioned lab with 15 computers. All areas provide easy visibility for the instructor and all students can see the front of the room, where instruction is projected from the white board.


A fully equipped and air-conditioned Audio-Visual Room acts as a vital aid to teaching and learning. Students at all grade levels watch documentaries and presentations related to their subject of study.


Books are the most constant of friends and the most patient of teachers they say! Education Bay School offers a well-stocked growing library with books on almost every topic under the sun to befriend our learners. Our library ensures that all students and teachers are effective users of ideas and information. This will result in everyone becoming lifelong, independent readers.


Lockers are available for the convenience of students in every classroom.


Students avail Table-tennis room, an international standard Lawn Tennis Court, Volleyball and Basketball court in sports periods under professional guidance. The school has kept sports abreast with academics and students participate in inter-school competitions as well. So far our teams have won Tae Kwon Do championships and tennis/soccer matches.


The newly furbished Resource Room will provide opportunities for students at all grade levels to engage in hands-on activities related to all subjects. Students learn through games, arts/crafts and interactive activities. It is very important for children to experience small group work as well as individual and large group work, so this quiet extension gives the children every opportunity.


Separate boys and girls counselling sessions are held on a regular basis for secondary students; informal discussions, career counselling, need basis advice, and guidance is all part of the programme.


Parents are an integral pillar of the overall development of the child and therefore play an important and essential role in the working of school to strengthen the bond between student, teacher and themselves. The school is open to parent volunteers who can participate in story telling, library classes, field trips, sports competitions and more. The school also holds Parent Conferences on a regular basis to address issues concerning their children and encourages constructive suggestions.


An in-house canteen provides hygienic snacks for children to recharge their energies. Filtered drinking water is also available.


Clean and modern washrooms are provided for boys and girls. Pre-school has a separate washroom with low sanitary fittings.

Pre-Primary Curriculum

Fun-filled hands on activities keep the little ones engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Primary Curriculum

Our courses are carefully designed to cater to the young minds. We place emphasis on broad and balanced study.

Cambridge O Level Curriculum

More than 9000 schools in over 160 countries are part of the Cambridge learning community. We are too!