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Teaching techniques that set us apart!

One of the many techniques to enhance student’s latent potential which is followed in the educational institutions abroad is assisting students to cope with their deficiencies without the burden of after-school coaching or tuition centers tedium.

‘Steps to Success’ are remedial classes designed to support the child, clear basic misconceptions in a particular subject and/ or to support the student to build better understanding of the subject. Steps to Success runs without detracting any time from the mainstream classes. At present, two most important subjects are in focus that is Mathematics and English. Students who have difficulties coping are enlisted for Steps to Success programme within school hours and happily without any cost burden on the parents. A specialized teacher helps teach the child to overcome his weakness in the subject on a one to one basis. Nevertheless, parental support at home remains imperative.

Our Vision

our vision
To be the best

The school’s mission is consistent with its vision of sending out future generations of students who are able to compete and achieve success in their future education.

Principal's Message

Words of wisdom

My career in the field of education spans almost 30 years. In the three decades that I have spent teaching, I have actually learnt more.

Why Choose EBS?

Not just your 'average' school

Expose your child to the best education. We offer a full suite of supplemental classes that consist of Sport Skills, Art, Karate, Drama and computer-based learning.