At Education Bay School, an open learning environment encourages active, investigative learning through our integrated curriculum which is a mix of Montessori Method, Reggio-Emilia and High Scope approach. We follow high scope daily routine and exercise PDR (Plan-Do-Review) to let the child work at his/her own pace.

We give more emphasis on developing concepts instead of rote learning. We educate children about day-to-day affairs where each child is encouraged to participate in discussions. Hygiene and healthy living is given much importance; washing hands, taking care of oneself and the environment is religiously followed.

We Prepare the Child for the World

We prepare the child for the world, thus our focus is on soft skills and 6Cs of the 21st century skills. These are:

Critical thinking and problem solving

Our curriculum revolves around the child - we provide a safe and sound, nurturing environment for every individual, while keeping in mind the four developmental stages i.e. intellectual, language, physical and socio-emotional.

Taking the four major learning areas into account, EBS Pre-Primary section has developed a program to cater to the learning needs of our young learners as per their age level from 2 years & 6 months till 5 years & 6 months.

Our levels are divided as follows:

We work on spiral progression to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge to our students; so that the child

does not have issues while she/he is promoted from one class to the other.


2 years and 6 months till

3 years and 6 months.


3 years and 6 months till

4 years and 6 months.


4 years and 6 months till

5 years and 6 months.

Our early year’s core areas include:

(English /Urdu)


Quran Nazra


The World Around Us

Role play and Story time

Material Time

Audio / Visual

Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Physical Activities