Registration process for the Academic Year 2024-2025 has commenced! You may Apply Online or call on 021 35250068-9 to request an appointment with the Admissions Manager
Registration process for the Academic Year 2024-2025 has commenced! You may Apply Online or call on 021 35250068-9 to request an appointment with the Admissions Manager
Evolution of distance learning in Pakistan due to Covid =" "

Evolution of distance learning in Pakistan due to Covid.

The recent pandemic brought with it a paradigm shift that changed the world view about a number of things. People began working from home, maintaining a social distance became a necessity, and schools closed down, shifting the physical learning environment to a virtual arrangement whereby students remained safely enclosed in their homes while the teachers conducted classes online from the comfort of their homes as well.

A concept quite novel to the world before, distance learning in Pakistan has revolutionized the country’s education landscape in the year 2020, introducing an innovative method of learning to students that makes it possible for them to stay in touch with their education while remaining safe in their homes.

As schools transitioned from real classrooms to online platforms with the purpose of conducting remote learning, teachers soon began to realize the underlying benefits of virtual learning. While there is no alternative to face-to-face interactions between a teacher and their students, online learning provides an opportunity for teachers to collaborate and interact with students on an individual level through calls, emails, and video conferencing.

According to a number of teachers, distance learning changed the way they interacted with their students, adding a more personal touch to their tutoring techniques, encouraging students to reach out to their teachers more openly and engagingly than ever.

With its manifold benefits, the idea of distance learning isn’t short of its pitfalls. Because schools are the major hubs of social activity and human interaction, closing them down may have deprived the students of the necessary social contact that’s pivotal to their learning and development. Another most noteworthy disadvantage of distance learning is the physical inaccessibility of teachers to their students in conducting exams and routine class tests, disallowing them from disciplining those students who are taking unfair advantage of not being physically present in the school.

While this endeavor on the government level was primarily in the interest of ensuring the safety of students, online education in Pakistan is without a doubt a challenging and cumbersome feat on schools and other educational institutes due to continuing problems surrounding internet connections, unavailability of a conducive home learning environment, hardware issues, and other factors affecting stable connectivity between a student and the school.

While many schools grappled with the above-mentioned issues surrounding e-learning in Pakistan, Education Bay School came forward with its advanced virtual learning model that was designed to facilitate both teachers and students alike. As soon as the news of schools closing down in Pakistan, without wasting the precious time of students, EBS efficiently and quite effectively implemented distance learning protocols by collaborating and coordinating online with faculty members and parents.

In addition to online classes, EBS also successfully conducted major school events such as Defence day, Earth Day, Online Spellathon and various reading activities with students and parents through online platforms.

EBS was also one of the first schools to start online admission tests and interviews, while others were still waiting for the school to reopen physically to begin the admission process.

The growing concern amongst parents and teachers these days is that once the schools are allowed to open permanently, many students will have a hard time coming back to the same level they were at before the outbreak. The challenge ahead of them is to bring back the students from the virtual world they are now accustomed to, to the real learning environment where they have to physically come to school and attend classes.

EBS’ forward-thinking administration and visionary faculty members are aware of this impending problem and have already put a number of measures in place to make sure the transition back to school is seamless and normal for the students.

As the country is beginning to get vaccinated for Covid-19 and the date of reopening of schools and colleges is fast approaching, EBS is fully prepared to begin the transition of bringing everything back into the school premises and to welcome students back with all the safety measures and SOPs of Covid 19 duly placed to ensure their safety and health.

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