Our Registrations for the Academic Year 2023-2024 will close soon. Apply Online or call on 021 35250068-9 for further information.

Our Houses

Ebians are a drop in the ocean but they will turn the tides once they leave the shores of Education Bay School for exciting new horizons in future! And our four houses – Arctic, Antarctic, Pacific and Atlantic prepare Ebians for just that! Resilient as the seven seas, students sail through a host of year-round challenging activities and competitions to win house points that culminate in a prized trophy at the end of the school year.

House Captains run a tight ship! Team members become each other’s anchors and mount waves to reach their mutual goals! House events like EBMUN, Sports Days, Spelling Bees, Quizzes, Public speaking, Art and design competitions and Science Fair to name a few, keep our students on their toes all year long!