O Level

O Level

Students are offered a wide range of subjects at Education Bay. From Class IX onwards the students are allowed to select subjects according to their choice and career preferences. The early choice of selecting subjects allows students to get familiar with difficult concepts, work around the basics of the subject and to get more time in completing the syllabus with ease. The subjects offered besides the compulsory ones include pre-medical, pre-engineering, Business Groups and an option for two electives which include Sociology, Additional Mathematics, English Literature and Computer Science.

Preparing for CAIE

The main focus of academics in the Senior Section is on o’level preparation. Students are tested regularly throughout the year through different methods and techniques to make their concepts clear and to reinforce the curriculum and the requirements set by Cambridge Examinations. Monthly Tests are scheduled in the last week of every month to ensure that the students determine the lessons taught. Pre-mock and Mock examinations further assist students in clearing up their concepts and making them concrete. Regular projects ensure that students do not lose touch with their creative side. Another technique of reinforcing subject knowledge is done through Mini-Mocks. These are taken before the Final examinations which help to divide the syllabi into smaller chunks of topics, easier for students to study and retain subject knowledge.

Technology integration

EBS is one of those few o level schools in Karachi where the students go through a complete experience of learning through the traditional, technological and holistic way of teaching. Hands-on experience in the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry labs allows students to acquaint themselves with the practical side of studies. It also helps to supplement their subject knowledge and conceptualization. A class projector is also regularly used to polish the skills of students through videos, ideas, pictures, activity-based work, and different visualizations. The computer lab also provides an excellent headway to work and integrate studies with technology where students learn important conceptions linked to their studies and basic computer skills, allowing them to emerge as adept and competent 21st-century students.