Annual Sports Gala 2020

An electrifying Annual Sports Gala that lasted for four zestful days

This is the beginning of a new decade. The pace at which the world is changing is rather worrying. No one knows what the future looks like. There are predictions and smart guesses but hardly anyone knows what the world will be like in say 2050.

At EBS, we try to teach our children different skills and prepare them for the unpredictable world. Out of all the skills that Ebians learn, the ones that we know will never become obsolete are teamwork and coordination. Our sports gala depicted these skills in action. Our young athletes ran on the tracks not to compete with each other but to be part of a winning team. They made sure that no one was left behind and their team won together! Everyone got a chance to witness diverse skills and varying learning abilities of team members. In the end, there might have been be a handful of very excited winners but there was certainly a huge group of hopping, happy children who valued their friends more than a cup or medal. EBS would like to thank all the teachers, Heads and students who participated wholeheartedly in these four rigorous days with undefeatable zeal and effort!